Introducing boojay

Consider the following simple application for a moment:

import org.eclipse.swt
import org.eclipse.swt.widgets

display = Display()
shell = Shell(display)
shell.setSize(200, 200)
while not shell.isDisposed():
    if not display.readAndDispatch():


A boo application using the SWT java GUI library. Thanks to IKVM that’s not only possible but very simple as well.

So what’s the news? Well, Friday morning I was chatting with Klaus and he said to me “if you get boo to emit java bytecodes I’ll do all my stuff in boo”. How’s that for a challenge? :)

Thanks again to IKVM, ObjectWeb ASM and the extensible boo pipeline architecture after a weekend of relaxed hacking boojay was born.

UPDATE: Just in case it’s not clear, the generated class files DO NOT require IKVM in any way and can be executed in any compliant JVM.

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